Msaki and the Golden Circle create a sound that combines soulful folk with symphonic movements, Xhosa lyrics and African poly-rhythms.
Msaki is a composer and singer-songwriter from East London, South Africa. She was born in East London and grew up between East London, Butterworth, Grahamstown, Peddie, Nqamakhwe and Cathcart. Born into a musically gifted family, her father who was a Dj while studying at the University of Fort Hare and also ran choirs throughout his life, was one of Msaki’s first influences. Her grandfather was also a well-known composer and songwriter therefore it comes as no surprise that at a young age Msaki knew that there was magic in music.
In 2008 while enrolled for a course in Visual Art and Design in East London Msaki became a part of an alternative rock collective. She started spending time in friend’s studios and contributing
to the underground music scene where music was recorded and shared unofficially. The songstress then went to Grahamstown to further her studies in Visual Art in 2009 and during this time formed her first band. She taught herself how to play the guitar in 2010 while studying Art at Leeds University in England where she was an exchange student as she spent many cold afternoons in her room writing songs. For Msaki, the guitar was a song writing tool that gave her the independence she needed to create as and when a song beckoned. In 2011 she returned to Grahamstown and played often in the thriving indie singer-songwriter scene.

2012 was the year the singer-songwriter was selected out of over 900 applicants from all over the world to go study in North Carolina USA with 30 other artists, musicians and writers.
The time she spent focused on creativity, spirituality and falling in love with music is what propelled Msaki into being a full-time independent performing artist. When she returned to South Africa she embarked on her career in music and signed herself to her own Indie Label, One Shushu Day Artistry.

Msaki creates a sound that combines soulful folk with symphonic movements, Xhosa lyrics and African poly-rhythms with portals of sincere improvisations. Her raw delivery disrupts your senses, leaving you moved and quietly longing for more as she weaves subtle tales of love, loss, home, revolution and hope. She plays with an ever-evolving and expanding band of incredible musicians from different musical backgrounds she calls the Golden Circle.


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